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Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning Kyle TX

Very often, tree pruning and tree trimming are terms, that are used interchangeably. However, in reality, they are two different services, with different purposes. While tree trimming is intended to cut back branches and leaves, pruning is used to encourage the good health of a tree. It is a closer, more targeted way to cut into a tree, necessary to be done by a professional. Making use of precise and professional tools, we can even go as far as to create shapes and designs. At Kyle Tree Trimming, we offer our quality tree pruning service to help you improve the health of your tree, making it look the best it can.

Improving Tree Health

The most important reason to have your trees pruned, is to improve their health. Like any other growing plant, leaves and branches die and wither. But as they do this, they waste a lot of the energy and resources of the tree. Equally, you may find that a neglected tree becomes infested with insects and pests. Both of these can hinder the healthy growth of the tree, so, it is in your best interests to change that. Through our tree pruning service, you can expect exactly that.


Aesthetic Pruning

And while pruning will improve the health of the tree, it can also be used to make it look the best it can. When done by a skilled professional, with a steady hand, pruning can be the method of taking control of the aesthetic. By using more precise sheers and cutting tools, we will be able to achieve a much more accurately shaped plant. Carefully cutting into the leaves, we can trim away any roughness, leaving behind a clean curve. Not only will it look neat in your backyard, it will act as an important detailing element.


Kyle TX Tree Pruning

Stimulate Growth

When trimming back trees and hedges hard, it can stunt their growth. It may delay a full comeback of branches and leaves. Alternately, tree pruning will actually encourage and stimulate healthy growth. By removing dead, diseased or pest-infested areas, it will allow the tree to focus its energy on the healthiest areas and increase its lateral growth. This way, you know that your tree will continue to grow with strength and quality, taking on better shape and reducing the amount of energy, that the roots need to exert.


When to Have your Tree Pruned?

When pruning a tree, it is all about timeliness and the proper technique. Without the proper knowledge, pruning may not be effective on your tree, which is why it is so necessary to employ a professional. Approaching any pruning job, we only ever do it at the right point in its lifetime. This will usually coincide with the spring bloom and you should visibly know, when it will be wise to prune. If you notice excessive growth, dying leaves or any diseased parts of the tree, you can assume that it is time for you to get in contact with us.