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Stump Grinding Kyle

Stump Grinding Kyle TX

Kyle Tree Trimming is the #1 company for stump grinding Kyle, TX and the surrounding areas.

Tree Removal Kyle

Tree removal requires several steps. First, cut and remove the branches and body of the tree. Next, tend to the stump. It is not a good option to leave the stump in the ground. Not only is the stump a hazard to people walking in the yard, it is unattractive and decreases your property value. In addition, it is possible for the stump to rot and attract unwanted bugs. Our stump grinding services quickly and effectively take care of tree stumps and give you a clean and tidy yard.


Stump Grinding Kyle

Stump grinding and stump removal are sometimes used interchangeably. However, they are two different services. Stump removal requires the stump and roots to be dug out of the ground. Stump grinding involves using a grinder to gradually grind away the wood of the stump. It is an incredibly effective way to get rid of any stump because it reduces it to nothing more than wood chips. We highly recommend grinding down your stump to remove it from your property. Therefore, trust us to handle the task for you. We make light work of handling stumps with use of our professional grade tools. As a result, your property looks well maintained and ready for people to enjoy.


Tree Service in Kyle TX


Wood Chip Clearance

When grinding down any tree stump, it turns the stump into wood chips. Naturally, these spread out around the work area, and cover your lawn. Our crew meticulously cleans the area after the stump grinding process is completed. We collect all of the chips and put them into bags. Keep the wood chips and use them as mulch in your landscaping, if you would like. If not, we take the wood chips away, along with all the other branches and leaves that are trimmed. Kyle Tree Trimming treats your property with respect and consideration. We leave your property in pristine condition and your trees will look better than ever.



One of the major advantages to stump grinding is time efficiency. Our top of the line equipment grinds tree stumps quickly and completely, reducing the wood to small chips and dust. Kyle Tree Trimming works with precision and in a timely manner so that you spend your time doing things you enjoy. All jobs are done quickly and correctly the first time, when you call Kyle Tree Trimming.


Stump Removal

Kyle Tree Trimming also provides stump removal services. Unlike stump grinding, stump removal involves digging out the stump, as well as a majority of the roots. A benefit of stump removal is reducing the instance of roots continuing to grow and causing problems on your property. Sometimes, after a tree stump is ground, the tree roots don’t die away, but continue to grow. These roots potentially can cause damage to your sidewalks or the foundation of your home. Kyle Tree Trimming offers stump removal services to prevent roots from damaging your property. Contact us for an estimate for your stump removal Kyle jobs.